Treatment Types


Follow up Treatments Types

Continuing Treatment:
This is a 60 minute follow up visit that includes one or more side of the body of acupuncture, as well as any cupping, moxibustion, massage/bodywork, education (homework techniques), or other healing modalities that are indicated for your particular treatment goals. The entire hour is reserved for your appointment alone.

Maintenance Treatment:
This is also a 60 minute follow up visit, aimed at maintaining the current treatment goals. It includes one side of the body for acupuncture, and possibly a few minutes of an additional technique if it is indicated. Dietary or other homework techniques may be discussed. Most of the appointment time will be spent resting with the needles. There may be another appointment staggered during the same time in the second room, though I will always be on call in case you need any assistance.

Is more better?
Many want to know if a more active treatment means more improvement, and as with just about everything in Chinese Medicine, it depends! Every body needs a different type of treatment. You may have already noticed that some of the treatments I give already vary week to week: sometimes you receive acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion...and other treatments I leave you to rest for an extended amount of time with just acupuncture. Most people will benefit from a combination of private and regular return visits. Typically if your care requires more frequent visits, the regular return visits are indicated, and those requiring less frequent visits require the private treatments. Keep in mind that this is a general rule, and I will recommend what I think is the most appropriate scenario for your best care.