Conditions Treated

As Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture were the primary form of medicine in many parts of Asia for thousands of years, it was once a complete system of medicine. There was a time where Chinese Medicine was used to treat conditions as varied as broken bones, night terrors in children, menstrual difficulties, complications in pregnancy, infection diseases, basically everything you can imagine!

Now that modern Allopathic (western) medicine has stepped in and has developed advanced types of surgical interventions, many in the acupuncture field have stepped into roles that Allopathic medicine has not yet developed sufficiently. Hormone health, menstrual health, preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and general pelvic health are some of those areas under-served by Allopathic medicine, and where I have chosen to step into with New Moon Acupuncture.

The following conditions are only some of the areas where New Moon Acupuncture may help alleviate symptoms and improve health outcomes. If you are seeking help for a condition not listed, please schedule a free consult or contact me for more information.


Menstrual & Hormonal

.Testosterone Treatment Effects.
.Estrogen Treatment Effects.
.Postpartum Balancing.
.Balancing After Loss.
.Irregular Menstruation.
.Amennorhea (Absent Menses).
.Dysmennorhea (Cramping).
.Frequent UTI.
.Unusual discharge.
.Vaginal Sensitivity.


Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum

.Preconception (Fertility).
.Miscarriage Care.
.Abortion Care.
.Pregnancy Wellness.
.Pubic Pain.
.General Pain.
.Birth Preparation.
.Labor Induction.
.Lactation Challenges.
.Postpartum Wellness.


Pelvic & General Health

.4th Trimester Pelvic Health.
.Pelvic Discomfort.
.Uterine Fibroids.
.Urinary Irregularities.
.Pain With Intercourse.
.Frequent Tendonitis.
.Digestive Irregularities.
.Fluctuating Appetite.
.Bowel Movement Irregularities.
.Frequent Illness.
.Sleep Irregularity.