" I received acupuncture care from Ece Yildirim for headaches, neck pain and nausea as a result of a blunt head trauma.  It is a 4 year old injury and Ece worked on acupuncture points in my hands, arms, head, legs and stomach. She guided me through two acute situations during a weekend retreat and the treatments had a lasting effect on some of my chronic pain symptoms. I enjoyed more energy and ability to cope with a heavier routine than before the acupuncture treatments. I had less nausea and vomiting after the treatments due to a decreased frequency of severe headaches. Ece was very knowledgeable and answered many of my questions in a way that made me more aware of how the chronic pain could be affecting my vital organs. Her placement of the needles was very effective in altering my pain level. Ece's confidence and intuitive insight in treating me made me curiously faithful in her abilities. Most lastingly impressionable was Ece's gentile energy.  Her very presence is soothing and receptive.  I highly recommend Ece's gentle touch with her mighty needles and divine insight."
GK 2/2014

I received an EXCELLENT treatment from Ece. First off, she's so professional and so easy to talk to. She makes you feel comfortable right away and is genuinely concerned about the well being of her clients. The treatment itself is very thoughtful and deliberate. The tiny needles weren't painful at all and certain spots really felt like they melted into relaxation as soon as the needle went in. LOVED the forehead needle. Ece walks you through everything as she does it. I felt so relaxed afterwards and it definitely addressed the issue I came in for. I will definitely go back and hope other people do too because it's such a wonderful treatment (and feels kind of like a massage!!! Just with tiny needles) and Ece is knowledgeable and kind!"
EV 11/2015

"It was my first time ever doing acupuncture. Ece was more than amazing. Comforting, calm, professional and so good at what she does!! In two sessions my whole body has gained a new sense of being. My symptoms that I started out with have completely diminished. I would HIGHLY recommend Ece!! It was a truly perfect experience!"
KV 4/2016

"Ece is exceptionally professional and her focus is solely on resolving any issues her client has. But she does this in such a way that the treatment does not feel simply medical but also calming and relaxing. She is willing to spend time with her clients and gives you her complete focus the entire duration of a session. I have now seen Ece on multiple occasions and she has used a number of different methods outside of simply using needles. 
I have had acupuncture on a couple of other occasions but did not feel any real benefit, Ece has made a difference and I could not recommend her more highly.
The results have been noticeable."
SB 9/2016

"Ece Yildirim, LAc is a miracle worker. Ece has been treating me for 6 weeks. In this time, she has increased he mobility of my knees and hip joints, and decreased the amount of pain I experience when walking and standing. I recently injured my back and was having spasms. It was so painful, I couldn't sit, stand, or walk without discomfort. After a treatment from the chiropractor, then acupuncture, I was able to return to work the next day."
TJ 10/2016

"New Moon acupuncture provided me with treatments that truly helped relieve some of my ongoing chronic pain problems and boosted my overall health. Ece is a warm, welcoming, and supportive person and offers one of the best personalized acupuncture services I've encountered."
SP 11/2017

"I’ve been working with Ece for a couple of months now. She is very in tune with your needs and works around those. I find to be a relaxing time while I receive treatment. Highly recommend her services!"
SR 1/2018

"I have gotten treatments from Ece for issues from chronic foot pain to anxiety. I leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, cared for and listened to. I have also have noticeable improvements in my pain and anxiety after treatments. My only wish is that my schedule would allow me to go more often!"
LW 1/2018

"My pregnancy/acupuncture story: So my pregnancies have been far from symptom-free... I'm 22 weeks along and still regularly get morning sickness, last time with my son I was sick until the end. My Mom suffered similar for me and my sister, so the first time wasn't surprised and I just dealt with it. This time around, wanting to try something not involving pharmaceuticals, I'm going to New Moon Acupuncture, and have personally had success with treatments! This week, with moving, I'm wearing small micro-needles when nausea/vomiting rears its ugly head in order to 1) keep my food down, 2) be a Mom to my son, and 3) finish up packing because we get our moving truck tomorrow - I can't afford to be sick and malnourished (because days when MS bad before, I just wouldn't eat... and that's how you make an angry pregnant person). Grateful for the relief, and grateful I was able to keep down my lunch I just finished!"
AW 2/2018

"Ece is a life changer! I've been on medication for headaches for over decade, tried physical them for them and even injections. Nothing ever worked until I decided to give accupuncture a try. I no longer take medication - I don't even need asprin anymore. Ece is so good at what she does, gives you her whole focus, remembers everything from previous appointments, you can like see her thinking through the process not just following standard treatment. It's totally customized and she is constantly checking everything at each point and provides moxa and cupping in addition to needles. Would highly recommend."
LB 3/2018