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Cupping Workshop for Home Health

  • Om Namo 21 Belmont Street Cambridge, MA, 02138 United States (map)

Learn the ancient art of fire cupping, and it’s modern cousin pump cupping to be able to better take care of your health at home. Learning how to do cupping with a partner or friend is a great way to quickly get relief and stretch out the benefits from a massage (when you’re actually able to squeeze one in!). This class is not appropriate for pregnant individuals, as cupping in pregnancy should only be done by someone already trained.

The applications of cupping also go well beyond muscle health. It’s a great way to ward off an oncoming cold, has been associated with alleviating chronic respiratory symptoms, even menstrual cramps. As this is a beginner level class most of the class will be devoted to mastering the technique of cupping and learning a few protocols - cupping for muscle tension, cupping for injury, cupping for common cold, and possibly other conditions by request.

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After a brief lecture to go over the do's and dont's of cupping, we'll quickly move into the hands on portion of class. Be prepared to rotate partners and/or work in groups of three, as varied feedback is important to developing good technique! If for some reason you are uncomfortable with working with others - please let me know. I want this to be a safe space for all. After the initial learning stages, we'll begin to apply the different techniques into cupping treatments such as preventing the common cold, treating muscle tension, assisting in injury recovery, or many other techniques! I'd be happy to customize the class to the attendees, so feel free to ask about particular health conditions in advance, and whether they might be assisted by cupping. I'll need at least a week's notice to adjust the information packet, and of course as per HIPAA I won't share who requested the treatment.


Wear clothing that makes it possible to expose your back while on a treatment table. For women this often means wearing a cardigan backwards, or a bikini top that easily un-clips or unties in the back, or I will have long swaths of fabric/scarves available to tie on in a changing room, and those can easily be untied on a treatment table to expose your back. I also highly recommend bringing a warm coat and/or scarf - it is important to cover the back fully after cupping treatment now that we are in the colder and windier season.


I'll also provide an opportunity to purchase cups and cupping oil from my acupuncture supplier, though often the same products can be found on Amazon for similar prices (sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less). While it often seems a good idea to purchase in advance and use your personal set in class, I'd recommend coming in and trying the different types of cups before deciding what to buy. You may already know that I'm personally partial to the fire cups, but the best cups are the ones that you are more likely to use. The pump cups require fewer steps and provide a lot of the same benefit.

Class cost: 50.00 / 45.00
Discount for New Moon Acupuncture patients
Class limited to 9 people
Minimum 4 people
Respond to to register

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